1. musician-photos:

    The Residents

  2. 20aliens:

    untitled, 1984
    by Keith Haring


  3. moji:





  4. romandesotomayor:

    Thorsten Dittrich


  5. artruby:

    Alice Neel, My Animals and Other Family, at Victoria Miro Mayfair.

  6. cloudsinyourtears:

    Joachim Patinir (1480-1524), Landscape with Charon Crossing the Styx, 1515-1524, oil on wood


  7. librelucha:

    A.s. Donderdag zal ik mijn Latin edit van Steve Aoki - Boneless weg geven op mijn Facebook! #steveaoki #boneless #drashid #luchalibre #latinedit by 1drashid http://ift.tt/1x0zLbi

  8. biosuoni:

    The Fujita scale (F-Scale), or Fujita–Pearson scale, is a scale for rating tornado intensity, based primarily on the damage tornadoes inflict on human-built structures and vegetation. 

    The purpose of this project is not to be a simple beat tape. I really tried to bring a certain atmosphere to it, if you can catch it then I reached my goal. 
    Thank you for being here ! 

    Music by NxxxxxS :  www.facebook.com/NBbeats1 

    Artwork by Ivan. P :  ivanpeevstudio.tumblr.com 

    Vinyl Pressing and Distribution by Headcount Records (UK): www.headcountrecords.co.uk

    (出典: nbbeats.bandcamp.com)

  9. nubbsgalore:

    autumn from above by kacper kowalski in kashubia, poland 


  10. schoolofvisualarts:

    Painting, oil on canvas by Maria Terese Barbaccia